Check out the list of Valorant commands. Pay attention to the winnings and the percentage of wins
Check out the list of Valorant commands. Pay attention to the winnings and the percentage of wins

Top teams of the Valorant discipline

Valorant is a relatively new online computer shooter game. Although not much time has passed since the official release, it has already become very popular. This is facilitated by well-designed maps, well-developed characters, a good balance of abilities and weapons. And at the moment there are already Valorant teams that compete in various tournaments.

In a short period of time, the top Valorant teams have already formed. These are common mixes, but they perform well. I want to follow them, learn from them. And many betters come to understand that it is already possible to place bets on some teams with bookmakers.

Valorant European Top Teams

Those who are interested in Valorant's professional esports teams should familiarize themselves with these teams:

  • Team Liquid (ex-Fish 123). Perhaps the most pro team Valorant at the moment, although until recently it had no support or sponsor. In the short period of the discipline's existence, they have already managed to earn $ 22,000 in tournaments. This is the best result to date. It is worth noting that the team does not consist of former professionals of various shooters, but of ordinary unpopular players who have failed in other games. The only exception is the legendary Scream, who just recently joined the band.
  • Godsent. This is a former mix of third-rate counter esportsmen who managed to show good results at the start of Valorant. Since the signing, the team has not managed to earn anything else, and to win any tournament, the statistics are getting worse, so, most likely, there will be replacements.
  • Ninja in Pijamas. Every self-respecting esports spectator knows this organization. The players also did not stand aside and signed a promising stack, which has already shown several decent results. For example, they won such a Valorant tournament: Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl Europe, earning about $ 2 thousand. A trifle, of course, but nice.

Valorant esports teams from CIS

Now in the CIS countries there are not so many outstanding teams and rosters according to Valorant, including due to the lack of sponsors who are ready to pour money into the still not solid scene of the just released game.

Pay attention to the Forze team. He has strong support and the Valorant team's players have good ratings. All of them are former CS: GO esports players and streamers. Many have played tier-2 in different shooters. However, betting on their victories should be done with great caution: alas, they are not showing themselves too cool on the Valorant esports scene so far. In the future, there will definitely be replacements and, possibly, even a disband.

It is also important to keep in mind strong mixes that have not yet found support. These are interesting Valorant teams, whose players are quite capable of occupying high lines in the ratings and being called pro in esports:

  • Flawles,
  • Fishka v tom,
  • Team HZ,
  • Zarplata.

It is important to understand that Valorant teams have just begun their formation and development, so there are no serious tops yet. However, in a year there will be excellent lineups capable of showing excellent results in the game. We recommend that you follow the events on our eSports portal.

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