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Check out the list of LOL commands. Pay attention to the winnings and the percentage of wins
Check out the list of LOL commands. Pay attention to the winnings and the percentage of wins

LOL teams: where to look for the best, what ratings to take into account

Esports is huge, and its impact on the modern world can hardly be overestimated. Millions of people watch the performances of professional players and organizations every day, hundreds of thousands of players are approximately approaching this level.

One of the first MOBA games to hit a huge chunk of that audience. League of Legends is rightfully considered one of the most significant esports games. And great attention is riveted to the best esports teams in LOL.

Where to find the best League of Legends esports teams?

These questions often torment the spectators of the discipline, only in regional leagues, in larger competitions at international championships are held only twice a year. Agree, this clearly does not give a complete picture of what is happening in League of Legends esports.

Good League of Legends esports teams often take part in major tournaments. These include competitions such as:

  • LEC,
  • LCS,
  • LCK,
  • LPL,
  • Mid-Season Invitational,
  • World Championship.

There are also other regional leagues.

For all these tournaments, you will be able to find broadcasts with the main players and clubs in the discipline.

In addition to participating in tournaments, it is necessary to determine the required teams according to the rating and statistics of the top LOL teams.

What are the rankings of the top teams in League of Legends worth considering?

It's not just the location of teams at major championships, which include the Worlds Championship held annually by Riot Games. Of course, even the professional players themselves monitor their statistics, track their entry into various tops and selections.

That is why we are trying to make our rating of the top esports LOL teams as objective and unbiased as possible. It will allow you not only to assess the strength of your favorite club, but also to see who dominates the entire League of Legends scene.

The best LOL teams in the world:

  • DragonX,
  • Best eSports,
  • T1,
  • DAMWON Gaming,
  • JD Gaming,
  • G2 Esports,
  • Gen.G,
  • Cloud
  • FunPlus Phoenix,
  • Invictus Gaming.

The teams' positions in this ranking are influenced by such factors as: roster, trophies and the number of League of Legends prize teams won.

The more stable a team is, the better its long-distance performance. The permanent roster allows the clubs to work out not only the strategy of the games, but also the complete infrastructure, which in the future allows the replacement of the squad to be more painless.

Also, the influence of win rates, victories over teams of higher status and opinions of influential people from the industry (analysts, commentators, coaches and presenters) in the top rankings.

It is impossible to make one top LOL teams for all time: players and clubs are constantly making transfers, but also on a more global level.

The rating of League of Legends esports teams on our website tries to take into account all the parameters and daily update the database so that our readers are always aware of world trends and changes in the situation in the professional environment.

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