DOTA 2 Teams

The page contains a list of Dota 2 teams. Pay attention to the prize money and compare the percentage of wins
The page contains a list of Dota 2 teams. Pay attention to the prize money and compare the percentage of wins

What are the best DOTA 2 teams in the world?

Anyone who is interested in eSports sooner or later comes to watch the games of only the best professional eSports teams in Dota 2. But questions arise, how to identify the top teams in the world, where to find the most current ratings and lineups about Dota 2 teams for today.

The number of professional teams is really great. And every year their number only grows. For example, now the world is dominated by such groups as:

  • Team Secret;
  • Nigma;
  • Alliance;
  • Evil Geniuses;
  • Fnatic;
  • PSG.LGD;
  • Team Liquid;
  • Vici Gaming;

 But the number of top teams is not limited to these clubs either.

How to identify the best Dota 2 esports teams

Many sites create their own world rankings of Dota 2 teams, and some of them are used by large organizations. And not only in the CIS, but all over the world. On our portal you can also find such a rating, where the clubs are very conveniently sorted by the number of prize money won. Indeed, it is commercial success that often drives not only the management of organizations, but also the players themselves.

The rating of the strongest and best pro teams in Dota 2 is constantly updated and updated. Our analysts, who make predictions for esports matches, also take part in its compilation.

Of course, not all the top esports top teams in Dota 2 should be taken seriously: some are made for commercial purposes (to sell a place in the top or create a scandal with the help of a dubious distribution of seats). Therefore, we have tried to make this section of our website as impartial as possible.

Many viewers love Dota 2 so much that they are ready to follow not only the very best, but also the regular clubs playing in the lower and regional divisions. Globally insignificant tournaments can be important for the viewer if, for example, someone from their acquaintances is playing there, or he is simply ready to watch the game as much as he wants and in any quantity.

If we are talking about players unfamiliar to a wide circle of faces, then it is not always possible to understand who is still playing on the broadcast. Accordingly, while watching matches, an observer may need statistics, ratings and lineups of Dota 2 teams in order to fully understand what is happening on his monitor screen.

Where to find up-to-date statistics and profile of top Dota 2 teams

The lineups of the professional teams of Dota 2 are currently available on our eSports portal. There you will always find exactly the club, the player that you actively follow, and you will find out everything about him. The profiles also contain news related to them, statistics and tournament results.

We add information on all current tournaments so you can know exactly how your favorite team played in a major competition.

Our roster of Dota 2 teams is one of the largest among all esports portals. In addition, it works in conjunction with other sections of the site: forecasts, news and bets.

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