CS:GO Teams

The page contains CS: GO teams. Pay attention to the percentage of the winner.
The page contains CS: GO teams. Pay attention to the percentage of the winner.

How to become the best esports teams in CS:GO

Some people think that they become a strong team without any problems - it is enough just to play well. However, in reality, you need to make tremendous efforts to become the best, to enter the top and gain fame. We will tell you what helps famous CS:GO teams become the coolest.


Good training conditions

Quite an obvious point, but it does not cease to be very important from this. A spacious play house, equipped with the best technology and including service personnel, is the key to the success of the CS:GO team winning the rating.


An entertaining and sporty interior can be a pleasant addition, including:

  • gym;
  • swimming pool;
  • billiard / tennis table;
  • spacious backyard with sports equipment for games.

Competent team building

It's not enough to just put five individually strong players together and wait until they become the top esports team in CS:GO. It is necessary at least to make them work together, and at the maximum - to become a second family for each other.

In building good relationships, a qualified psychologist usually helps, who tries to quickly and accurately build communication between the players.

Motivation of every esportsman

Practice shows that the best players of eSports teams in CS:GO give phenomenal results due to their enormous motivation. As a rule, esportsmen who act only for the sake of making money show less impressive results than their colleagues who want to become the best and prove their superiority to the whole world.

Having a strong captain in the CS:GO team

Undoubtedly, all five players in the squad can be individually the strongest in the world, but at a distance they will not be able to build a good game without a good captain, because everyone will play in isolation from the team, while trying to pull the blanket over themselves.

You always need a good in game leader who is able to correctly build the strategy of the game, and also correctly understand the opponent's tactics in order to successfully level it and adapt to it. Usually the captain is the face of the CS:GO squad.

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