eSports teams

The page provides a list of eSports teams. Pay attention to the prize amount and the percentage of victories.
The page provides a list of eSports teams. Pay attention to the prize amount and the percentage of victories.

Useful information about esports teams in Dota 2, LoL, Valorant, CS: GO

Cybersport teams in CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Valorant compete in tournaments of various levels. Like a classic sport (soccer, hockey, basketball), they fight for fame, money, trophies and respect. Based on the results of their performances, statistics, ratings are compiled, and then the data are published in open sources. Such information is in demand among fans of teams and individual players, gamers who want to become e-sportsmen, as well as betters who place bets on e-sports.

About the rating of esports teams

Winning tournaments like The International is not the only priority. The salary of esports players depends on the level of the squad, personal statistics, and the popularity of the players. If a gamer is able to lead to an organization of sponsors, his value increases dramatically. The media component of esports players cannot be excluded from the selection criteria for the roster. Teams with similar players will last up to two years without victories and trophies.

How to find out who is in the top esports teams

For Dota, CS: GO, Valorant and Lola, tournaments of different levels are held, and this happens systematically. If a team confidently wins relatively small and medium tournaments, then it has every chance of getting to a large-scale one, such as The International. And so that fans, gamers and betters are always up to date and understand which eSports teams are the best in a certain period, they need to follow the events.

Our portal helps with this: the authors regularly compile ratings, tops of esports teams. They also:

  • analyze the behavior of players, decisions of teams;
  • predict the outcome of future matches;
  • write news about the top esports teams that are always fun to read.

Accordingly, if you want to follow the ratings, statistics of popular esports teams, you can use our portal. The guys provide only reliable, verified information, so on our website we always have up-to-date lists of well-known professional esports teams that are in the top. This information can be used with confidence even by those who place bets on matches.

How tops are compiled

Preparing a list of the best esports teams is not an easy job. To do this, analysts study a lot of information, watch matches, analyze player behavior, and get acquainted with the statistics of eSports teams. Only after analyzing a set of factors can they make a rating.

However, it does not stay the same forever: changes and additions are systematically made to the list of the best and most popular eSports teams. This is a normal practice: if in 2017 Team Liquid won at TI and received almost $ 11 million, then in 2018 and 2019 the guys from OG became the winners (they earned more than $ 11 and 15 million, respectively). This must be reflected in the rating.