eSports teams

The page provides a list of eSports teams. Pay attention to the prize amount and the percentage of victories.
The page provides a list of eSports teams. Pay attention to the prize amount and the percentage of victories.

ESports Teams: CS: GO, Dota 2

Esports teams CS: GO, Dota 2 compete in tournaments, collect statistics. The actions of the players are carefully analyzed and the data are published in open sources. When the team enters The International, Major, the roster rating rises sharply in its own region and general tops. The results of the matches increase the personal statistics of the players.

As in classic sports (football, hockey, basketball), e-sports teams fight for fame, money, trophies and respect.

About the esports team rating

Winning tournaments at The International level is not the only priority. The salary of e-sportsmen depends on the composition rating, personal statistics, and the popularity of the players. If a gamer is able to lead to a team of sponsors, its value increases significantly. The media component of e-sportsmen cannot be excluded from the selection criteria. Teams with similar players will last up to two years without victories and trophies.

Dota 2 Teams

Dota 2 eSports teams exist in two worlds. With top tournaments it’s clear: the best Dota 2 rosters share prize money among themselves, entertain millions of spectators. The latter attract endemic sponsors that can cover the costs of tournaments, as well as the salaries of e-sportsmen. With competitions below the situation is different: there are no famous personalities, groups, a large number of fans. Small organizations care about one success or a gradual increase in global, local ranking. Investors, sponsors watch portals: HLTV, Gosugamers, ESL, ESEA.

The Dota 2 competition system is poorly honed. The last 2-3 years there are set full rules. Previously, teams could do nothing for a year, and then come, win The International, recoup the costs of maintaining the team. This state of affairs is not considered a serious approach to organizing the ecosystem of discipline. Therefore, Valve introduced the Dota Pro Circuit system. But this did not stop the organization: they still donate the first part of the season for the sake of rest and preparation for the season finale.

CS: GO Teams

At CS: GO the situation with ratings is more clear. The structure of the discipline tournaments was built over the years. The composition is easier to set a goal and systematically pursue it.

Any eSports team strives to be financially independent. And Russian organizations are trying to keep up. For example, a major tournament at the AVANGAR team was successful: e-sportsmen took second place, which allowed the organization to earn enough money to survive and sell players to

It is believed that the vast majority of teams live like this. The priority and task of such organizations is to cultivate cybersportsmen in Dota and CS: GO, who will subsequently become the best and enter the world rankings, tops, after which it is profitable to sell players from the squad. So form the composition of the organization and team around the world.

About the main problem of cyber teams

She does not allow the industry to develop and her name is eSports franchise leagues. In the short term, these initiatives give the teams money for subsistence and development, and in the long term they kill the sports component. And without the latter, it is difficult to attract viewers, whose number directly increases the financial viability of each discipline in the industry.

In eSports on CS: GO tried to create a franchise series of tournaments. But the association of players together with professional cyber teams strongly opposed this innovation and leagues promoting the monopoly. And this is right for everyone: CS: GO games, e-sportsmen, organizations, discipline.

Current information about eSports teams CS: GO, Dota 2

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