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VALORANT forecasts for today from professionals. Try your hand at the Forecaster Competition!
VALORANT forecasts for today from professionals. Try your hand at the Forecaster Competition!

Valorant esports predictions

Valorant is a new game that was released by Riot Games in early summer 2020. Despite the fact that she just appeared, many have already loved her. Including esports teams that compete in tournaments for money, titles and glory. While the competition cannot be called large-scale, however, it is already possible to make predictions for Valorant matches.

Valorant and CS:GO - how similar are they?

Even before the release of Valorant, it was noticeable that its gameplay resembles a CS:GO mode called "Explosive Device" Here and there, the point is to mine or clear a point on the map, depending on the team. Accordingly, players who performed well in CS:GO can also play well in Valorant.

The difference between Valorant is that in addition to weapons (sniper rifle, knife, pistol, etc.), there are also abilities. And they can greatly influence the outcome of matches. Therefore, when making predictions for Valorant matches, it will be important to take this factor into account.

What else needs to be analyzed when making predictions on Valorant?

To predict the outcome of the match as accurately as possible, you need to evaluate:

  • Selected heroes and their combination. The game offers defenders, stormtroopers, medics, scouts. Their number in a team can be different, for example, two attack aircraft.
  • The strength of the composition. Of course, it is better to bet on a stronger team if its victory is obvious. If not, then there are other factors worth analyzing.
  • Team composition, presence or absence of substitutions. It is necessary to pay attention to the teamwork of the players, to find out if the e-sportsmen were replaced.
  • Events. How big and important a tournament is has a significant impact on the outcome of the game. If the event involves big prize money, gaining even more glory, gamers will try very hard to win.
  • Events from the life of e-sportsmen. That is, some incidents that can affect the quality of the role-playing: the birth of a child, scandal, illness, quarrels with other players.

At the same time, it is not at all necessary to analyze each upcoming match independently. This can be done by our experienced cappers, who have repeatedly confirmed their professionalism. They systematically prepare forecasts for Valorant, justifying all their words. And you can use the information received for betting absolutely free.

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