Predictions LOL

LOL predictions for today from professionals. Try your hand at the Forecaster Competition!
LOL predictions for today from professionals. Try your hand at the Forecaster Competition!

LOL predictions from professionals

In 2020, the League of Legends is very popular: it hosts tournaments where decent cash prizes are awarded. In this regard, forecasts from professionals are in demand.

You can read them on our eSports portal: we constantly publish fresh predictions for the LOL game. They are drawn up by experienced cappers who have repeatedly proven their professionalism.

What can be found in the LOL forecast

Esports matches differ from the usual events in the world of sports in that it is more difficult to predict the outcome of the additional list. But betters still like to study League of Legends predictions and place bets on match results, because there is a chance to make good money.

There is also a live mode for them, which allows you to evaluate events in real time and observe the team's setups.

Based on predictions for League of Legends, you can make smart bets. In addition, they contribute to the development of analytical thinking, because our guys carry out serious analytics in their conclusions. They consider:

  • Command structure. One of the best tools for analyzing a future match.
  • The presence or absence of replacements. Any changes in the squad may affect the results of the game.
  • Selected characters. There are heroes that are stronger and weaker. There is also an individual roleplaying of each cybersports player on a specific character.
  • Counter pick. That is, the choice of a hero who will better resist the characters chosen by the enemies.
  • The atmosphere within the team. That is, whether there are conflicts, disputes in the team, affects the cohesion of cybersportsmen. Therefore, it is important to keep track of past matches.
  • Events in the lives of individual players. Perhaps someone had a baby and the player hasn't been training for a while. Similar events (scandals, illnesses) should always be taken into account.
  • Tournament level. And without forecasts for the League of Legends, it becomes clear that athletes are preparing for more serious competitions more seriously. This means that they try harder to win.

Today, our analysts make clear and accessible predictions for League of Legends so that you not only know who is most likely to win the game, but also understand the reasons for this victory. Due to this, you will not mindlessly win or lose, but on the contrary, you will be able to analyze your successes and failures.

Moreover, all esports forecasts are provided completely free of charge.

On the portal, you can also read news, watch online broadcasts of games, take part in the competition of forecasters, study the rating of teams.