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The page features Valorant players. Ranked based on money earned
The page features Valorant players. Ranked based on money earned

Valorant players who came from other disciplines

The pro scene has yet to have a lot of top Valorant players. Therefore, we have a unique phenomenon when successful (and not so) players end their careers in other popular shooters in order to move to Valorant. They do this in the hope of a better future!


According to statistics, a lot of Valorant players are switching mainly from CS: GO. And Scream is no exception. In COP he was a legend known as the “headshot machine”. Such a nickname was given to him for a reason, because from any weapon that fell into his hands, he always shot right in the head, regardless of distance or other factors.

During his esports career, he managed to play in such eminent teams as FaZe, Liquid and other large European / American organizations.

Despite his phenomenal shooting, very few people have been interested in him as a player lately, so he sat around just playing Counter Strike. With the release of Valorant, he immediately went to try himself, and it turned out very well. He started participating in amateur tournaments with his friends, mixes. Thanks to his media and very good results of the game, he was called to Team, where he actually plays now, showing decent results.


Like most Valorant esports players, this North American player comes from the CS: GO discipline. In it, he played for the Liquid team for five years, with which he managed to take the first position in the rating among all the teams in the world, hold out there for a while, show excellent results, and also survive major ups and downs with the team. Having survived the last of the falls, he realized that he was emotionally burned out, so he decided to move to another discipline and change the team.

Due to his media recognition, he did not have to sit for a long time without a command, literally immediately he was sheltered by the 100 thieves collective.


In our region, there are also professional Valorant players who switched from another discipline (CS: GO again). Ange1 started his career with early version 1.6 then continued with Source and switched to the latest version of CS: GO. There he managed to play in the teams Virtus.Pro, Astana Dragons, spent more than five years in Hellraisers. Everywhere he acted in the role of captain and established himself as a tactical competent In game leader. It was these qualities that helped him become the top player in Valorant.

He is currently playing for Fun Plus Phoenix, where he is also the captain.

Of course, this is not the entire list of players who changed discipline and chose Valorant. There are also others:

  • Sadovnik,
  • 7ssk7,
  • Arch.

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