DOTA 2 Players

The page contains a list of Dota 2 players. The rating is based on the money earned.
The page contains a list of Dota 2 players. The rating is based on the money earned.

Dota 2 legendary players

There are a lot of Dota players at the moment, but not everyone can boast of any achievements in the past. Therefore, our portal has compiled a small top Dota 2 players who have gone down in the history of the game forever.


Professional Dota 2 player from Ukraine, World Champion 2011.

One of the most popular and recognizable players. He began his playing career in 2007, playing for various amateur teams. In 2008 he was invited to play for DTS, where he performed with mixed success until 2010. And that is what brought him popularity.

In December 2010, a new era of Daniel's career began - he moved to Natus Vincere and quickly became the face of this team.

Over the years playing at Na'Vi, Dendi became the champion of The International 1 and vice-champion of TI2 and TI3, seven-time Starladder champion, two-time ESWC champion. And all this the Dota 2 player managed to achieve in 2011-2014. After the success began to decline, however, thanks to his popularity, he stayed in the team until 2018. And then, he left her only in order to create his own team.

Interesting fact: Daniel starred in one of the most famous films about the strongest Dota 2 players - Free to Play. It tells the story of his childhood.


By far the best Dota 2 player. First two-time International Champion (2018,2019). Founder of OG.

Together with his team, Fnatic (in full force) moved from the HoN discipline to Dota 2, where he remains to this day. He also managed to get into the all-star composition of Secret and earn immense popularity in the media space.

Today he is the top and richest player in Dota 2.


One of the most famous Dota 2 pro players in the Russian-speaking community.

His career began in 2012. Like any gamer, he played for a variety of mixes and amateur teams. He even played for Moscow Five. He became famous for playing for Rox.Kis and for his famous bet against himself and his team. After this incident, he was banned for life from official Valve tournaments, which prevented his career development and the transition to the new roster. However, the company changed its anger to mercy: a year later, Alexey was able to continue his career and play for Vega sgadron.

Now Solo is the captain of Virtus.Pro. Its members lead the table of the strongest Dota 2 players and teams in the CIS region.

Of course, this is not a complete list of legendary esports athletes. You can find full information about the players on this page. And:

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