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The page provides a list of eSportsmen. The rating is based on the money earned.
The page provides a list of eSportsmen. The rating is based on the money earned.

Rating of esportsmen CS: GO, Dota 2: who is in the TOP of the best cyber players

World famous, richest esportsmen CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, Valorant are in the TOP of the best players and attract a lot of attention. They have hundreds of thousands of fans who faithfully watch every match they play. Someone loves spectacular fights, and someone learns to play. There are also beginner and experienced betters who analyze the success of gamers in order to make the most accurate bets on esports.

Rating of esportsmen based on earnings

The richest professional esports players in the world always rank first in various tops and lists. Our esports portal has also prepared a rating of players based on the money earned. We have compiled a convenient form where everyone can see the current indicators of gamers, prize money, names and nicknames in the game, geographic location, the team the gamer belongs to, etc.

At the moment, the top 5 richest esportsmen include:

  • N0tali. Serves as a support in the OG team, playing Dota 2. One of the most famous cyber athletes, who earned $ 6.9 million during his career.
  • Ceb. He is also a member of the OG team, plays the role of an off-liner in Dota 2. He is known all over the world, also because he was able to earn $ 5.5 million.
  • Topson. Another representative of the OG organization, acting as a solo mid lane in Dota. He has been playing since he was 8 years old, and definitely not in vain, because at the moment he has earned more than $ 5.4 million.
  • KuroKy. German esportsman playing for Team Nigma. He is a professional support in Dota. His earnings are over $ 5.1 million.
  • Miracle-. His role is carry. Plays for Team Nigma. His income is very large - over $ 4.7 million.

More information in the profiles of esports players

Directly from the rating of professional esports players, you can go to the profile of any player of interest. There you will receive all the necessary information about him: name, country of origin, description, in which active and past matches he played recently.

If you follow esports to play better or make more accurate bets, then you shouldn't limit yourself to just player data. It is also important for you to read news, watch e-sports matches, analyze forecasts. We have all this on our portal.