SL4M left StarLadder


25 January 2019 10:40


Commentator Igor SL4M Zopov has a contract with StarLadder studio. He told about it on Twitter. Where Sopov will continue his career is unknown.

SL4M began his commentator career in 2009. He has worked for StarLadder since 2012. Sopov covered most of the major CS: GO events, as well as being on the air on the offline championships from SL and Epic Esports Events.

In 2018, the place of work was replaced by Alexey yXo Maletsky and Alexander Enkanis Polishchuk: they switched from RuHub to WePlay. On January 24, 2019, Sopov's colleague, Yury Strike Tereshchenko, also transferred to WePlay.

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