"I'm just sobbing" Eiritel thanked fans for their support

06.07.2020 15:08


After the commented-out finale, Daria Eiritel Morozova thanked her fans and viewers for their support. At the tournament, she was paired with Dmitry Lost Kupriyanov and Vladimir Maelstrom Kuzminov.

Let's remind that Dota 2 community has a negative attitude towards the work of female commentators, this is primarily due to the low quality of their work. As a rule, Mila Mila Aliyeva and Elena Meg Urusova suffer from Haight, but due to the fact that Eritel is a representative of the fair sex, she also often gets it. However, in fairness, we note that the level of her commentary is not slightly worse than her co-hosts and other commentators of the ruhub Studio, and any Haight in her direction is extremely unfair.

And yet there are still people, both on the broadcast and in the comments of popular resources, who will pour a ton of slops on Daria just because she is a girl.

Here are examples of such frames:

"Do you understand that her squeaky voice is impossible to listen to , and her understanding of DotA is 2000K MMR? it's the last game of VP flytomoon shouted that at the peak of the fly to win", "Get a woman to comment", "the Worst commentator in the whole rehabe".

But still there are many more positive comments ( Examples are taken from Twitter ):

Vlady1337: "Dasha I am very sorry that you were insulted by vilat! When he compared you to a cute girl on a podcast, I was just in shock, the worst insult for a female commentator probably can not come up. But you don't listen to salinograph and keep doing what you're doing."

Vladimir Suzdaltsev: "Great tournament in Your performance! The duet with Lost turned out to be quite meme, it felt like a teacher and a student were communicating."

The third season of the Parimatch League ended on July 5. The champion of the tournament was Virtus.pro. In the final, the Bears team defeated FlyToMoon by a score of 3: 2.

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