How many hours do you need to play in CS:GO to get the title of Global Elite

04.07.2020 17:04


Global Elite is not just a beautiful name or epaulettes of a virtual soldier in the beloved CS:GO shooter. This is the highest rank that proves the professionalism of the players. There are units of it - the most skillful gamers who have spent a lot of effort and time on training.

How to take the global to the CS:GO?

The answer is simple: only a series of victories. Despite the fact that the developers from Valve created a very multi-layer system, the features of which are not disclosed, experienced players have repeatedly tested this theory: there should be more victories than defeats. If you have 50 to 50, there will be no progress.

Of course, to win often, you need to train for a long time and constantly, monitor your own style of play, analyze errors, listen to the opinions of more experienced gamers who have already received the global. It is equally important to monitor your emotions. If you are in tilt, you will make mistakes, behave aggressively, and the quality of wagering will noticeably worsen.

The most important thing to remember is that the global implies a professional game, so you need to pump yourself to a professional of international level.

How many hours to play in CS:GO to get the long-awaited rank?

You will never find the right answer to this question, because the ranks in CS:GO are not about the number of hours, but about the ability to play. If your friend took it in 400+ hours, it does not mean that in your case it will take as much time. Therefore, you should not even wonder how many hours you need to play in CS:GO. Need to take and train.

If a gamer plays poorly, he will never receive any global. If he constantly monitors his actions on the map, hones his skills, watches useful videos and reads articles, he has the opportunity to get Global Elite.

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