Heroic transferred MODDII to stock

17 January 2019 11:43

Heroic announced in its twitter about the transfer of Sweden Andreas MODDII Fried from the main team to the reserve. This decision was made by the head coach of the team, Brazil Louise peacemaker Tadeu.

Sweden Andreas MODDII Fried joined Denmark Heroic in August 2016. Together with him, the team won the International Gaming League 2016, WCA 2017 Europe Finals, Games Clash Masters 2018 and TOYOTA Master Bangkok 2018, and also repeatedly participated in major tournaments ESL One, IEM and StarSeries i-League.

The composition of today Denmark Heroic:

Sweden Adam friberg Friberg

Denmark Patrick es3tag Hansen

Denmark Asger AcilioN Larsen

Denmark Daniel mertz Mertz

Brazil Louise peacemaker Tadeu (coach)

Sweden Andreas MODDII Fried (stock)