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If you're passionate about Riot Games' LoL, your challenge is always to find the latest League of Legends news. Most portals provide irrelevant or inaccurate information, and there is very little content in official sources that is worth paying attention to.

Where to find the latest LoL news

LOL news can always be found on our portal. You can also sort all posts by specific tags, which we add to each of our articles. Here's an example of the tags we use for the latest LOL news:


·       RIOT GAMES;

·       Development of eSports;

·       COSPLAY.

LOL news has always been difficult to find, because Riot has always controlled the information that goes to public sources: with players they enter into non-disclosure contracts, a specialized topic on Reddit is moderated by people controlled by the company, and casters and analysts can lose their jobs for a careless word to the company.

Our editorial office is completely independent and not moderated by any of the company representatives, which allows us to publish any information that deserves your attention.

Therefore, this is where you can read the main news of the League of Legends and not be afraid to miss something. We provide unbiased and objective analytics, predictions for matches, interviews, pleasing cosplays and many other things that will interest a fan of the most popular MOBA game in the world.

Who might be interested in LOL news?

News about the game League of Legends may be of interest not only to the most ardent fans of the game, but also to those who only occasionally play with friends or even prefer alternative game modes, such as Teamfight Tactics. A huge number of fans of the autobattler from Riot Games somehow still have to deal with changes in the game.

The lore and abilities of the MOBA characters greatly influence their chess counterparts. That is why, even if you rarely play League of Legends, you need to carefully monitor and study the latest news of the game.

Those who follow LoL esports will also find it useful to study all the latest developments. After all, the nerf of any of the characters can greatly affect the performances of your favorite player or even the team: significantly improve them or, conversely, worsen them.

What LOL news should you pay more attention to?

Separating important news about League of Legends from less significant news can be very difficult. The game doesn't end with character changes and new cosmetic items. Every day, Riot Games' MOBA hosts a huge number of esports matches, with someone speaking out for or against changes in the game, and it's very easy to drown in these news stories.

To prevent this from happening, especially for our readers, we select only the most significant news about the game LOL, which you can generally find on the vastness of the Internet.

Our guys try to promptly publish and mark important information with appropriate markers: exclusivity, hot, photo or video. This helps users to better navigate the site. We also have other eSports news - on LOL, Dota 2, Valorant.