iBP Masters 2019: Sowing Group Stage

12 January 2019 12:21

The organizers of iBUYPOWER Masters 2019 presented the sowing of participants in the group stage of the upcoming championship, which will be held January 19-21 at the Avalon Hollywood site in Los Angeles, USA. The tournament starts with a group stage in the Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 format, the four finalists of which will face in the Single Elimination BO3 grid for the lion's share of the $ 200,000 prize pool.

Seeding participants in the group stage:

Group A

Denmark Astralis
Sweden fnatic
USA Cloud9
North America compLexity

Group B

USA Liquid
Europe FaZe
Canada Ghost
Brazil Luminosity

Sowing the first matches of the group stage:

Group A

Denmark Astralis vs. North America compLexity
USA Cloud9 vs. Sweden fnatic

Group B

USA Liquid vs. Brazil Luminosity
Europe FaZe vs. Canada Ghost

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Из перечисленных команд можно посмотреть на игры Liquid разве что и Ghost - остальные команды вызывают у меня мало доверия, да и слышал я о них совсем немногое. Кто-то может о них рассказать немного?
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