Valorant leagues

Below are the VALORANT tournaments. Schedule of future and past events
Below are the VALORANT tournaments. Schedule of future and past events

What VALORANT tournaments are worth watching?

VALORANT esports, like the game itself, is still in its infancy. Yes, professional clubs are already signing rosters, but it is very difficult to understand what long-term plans the organizations and Riot Games have.

Because of this situation, it is now quite difficult to compile an understanding and a detailed schedule of Valorant tournaments.

At the moment, it can be difficult to find the line-ups of the teams participating in the competitions, but over time, the base will fill up. Just stay with our eSports portal.

Where to find online tournaments in Valorant

VALORANT is a competitive discipline and everyone who plays it sooner or later wants to try to take part in a major event, and not be content with one matchmaking.

Therefore, players often get together with their friends or acquaintances from the game and start looking for VALORANT esports tournaments where they can take part.

As a rule, such competitions are held on special grounds where other disciplines can be found. Among them:

  • ESL;
  • GLL;
  • Faceit;
  •, etc.

It is on such services that you can most easily find a convenient way for yourself to participate in real tournaments in your favorite discipline.

What is the best VALORANT competition to start with?

If you are a beginner esports player, then you probably face a choice: to participate in online qualifiers for major events, or to try your hand at smaller competitions.

We recommend to start with practicing with not the most famous teams and players, because this way you will easily understand whether it is worth going further or spend more time on training and other preparation.

There is also a third option, but we offer it only to those who are experienced and confident in their abilities: Valorant tournaments for money. But here you need to be careful, because this is not really an e-sport, and, accordingly, there are fewer guarantees:

  • The administrator of such a competition can always collect money from players and teams, and then simply disappear.
  • The referees can promote teams they know and make decisions in their favor, because the responsibility is minimal (hardly anyone will go to the police because of a tournament fee).
  • Even if you win, you may not be paid the promised prize money for a very long time, or may not be paid at all.

We want to give great advice: study at small or local events in Valorant, which do not require fees to participate, and only being 100% confident in your abilities, sign up for larger competitions.

We also offer you to follow other eSports tournaments.