LOL leagues

LOL tournaments are presented below. Schedule of future and past events
LOL tournaments are presented below. Schedule of future and past events

LOL tournaments: how they work, schedule 2020

League of Legends is a popular MOBA from the well-known company Riot Games. But this is not just a game, it is also a huge community connected with each other by tournaments of various levels. Our website dedicated to e-sports will always help you to understand them, to find out about the schedule.

If you constantly follow the League of Legends eSports tournaments, you will be able to learn something new, rejoice at the victories of your favorite team, and maybe you yourself will want to take part in the competition. You can also make money by betting on matches.

How LOL tournaments work

At the very beginning of the development of LOL as an eSports discipline, the organizers held various competitions, and the creator of Riot Games collaborated with them whenever possible. But over time, the developer wanted to completely control the scene, and moved away from "outside" events. Thus, in 2020, LOL tournaments are held only by Riot.

The League of Legends esports scene is clearly divided into regions where teams compete against each other. Large-scale events are organized at LOL 4 times a year. In the regions, the developers hold 2 annual leagues with a group stage and playoffs. There are 2 divisions in the leagues - the first for the coolest teams, and the second for those who only intend to declare themselves.

The World Championships remains the most prestigious League of Legends tournament in 2020. It involves the best of the best teams fighting for the Summoner Cup, massive money and glory.

2020 LOL Tournament Schedule

If you want to become a participant in interesting and spectacular battles of top teams, you should know the schedule of League of Legends events. It is always presented on our website - fresh, relevant and reliable.

We have compiled two handy tables to help you keep track of:

  • The schedule of the nearest and past LOL events;
  • The date of the start of a specific event;
  • The amount of the prize fund.

Each user can jump to their chosen League of Legends tournament 2020 to get the most data: from the tournament bracket to live matches.

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