DOTA 2 Events

Below are the Dota 2 tournaments. Schedule of future and past events
Below are the Dota 2 tournaments. Schedule of future and past events

Dota 2 tournaments: leagues, prize money, schedule 2020

Dota 2 is without exaggeration one of the most popular games in the world. Of course, in this regard, tournaments are constantly held on it: from qualifying matches to the most professional and large-scale event The International. And if you are interested in Dota 2, we suggest you keep track of all events, get useful information on our portal.

Tournament game system and prize money

In 2020, a new tournament system for Dota 2 appeared. And it leaves a lot of questions for esports viewers who do not understand where the Minors have gone, how and when to follow the results of matches in the Dota 2 game, what will be the tournament schedule for the current season, which one is presented tournament grid.

Now in 2020, Dota 2 has regional leagues, which are divided into regions, there are 6 of them in total. Each of them is represented by two divisions with 8 teams each. In total, there are 96 participating teams around the world. The prize fund of each is $ 280,000. The leagues last 6 weeks.

This is followed by the majors, which are organized annually. There will be three such Dota 2 tournaments in 2020. The schedule of the nearest ones can be found on our service. Each one raffles off 500 thousand dollars and 500 Dota Pro Circuit points. 18 best teams from regional leagues take part in them.

The largest, largest and coolest Dota 2 tournament is still The International. Teams that perform well in the Majors are eligible to compete at TI. The prize pool is huge and grows every year - in 2020 the amount exceeded $ 30 million.

Dota 2 tournament schedule in 2020

Our esports portal for favorite users has created several detailed lists:

  • with the nearest;
  • past Dota 2 tournaments.

This is very convenient, especially for beginners who find it difficult to keep track of the latest, current, future Dota 2 tournaments, to understand which one is a passable one, and which one is the biggest.

In each of the tables, the visitor will see:

  • the name of the event, for example OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division;
  • start date;
  • prize fund.

By clicking on the name of the event, the user will be taken to a new page, where more information will be presented: who is in groups 1, 2, 3, what is the tournament grid, what current matches are taking place, etc.

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