CS:GO Events

Below are the CS:GO tournaments. Schedule of future and past events
Below are the CS:GO tournaments. Schedule of future and past events

CS: GO tournaments (CS: GO): schedule 2020, matches, teams

Counter Strike is one of the most famous and popular shooters in esports. Broadcasts of major CS: GO tournaments collect a huge number of viewers around the world, and their prize pools are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During its existence, CS: GO has been an e-sports discipline in more than ten championships of various levels. Valve's version of Global Offensive is a fresh sip. It was created in collaboration with top players, so from the very beginning it was presented as a new discipline of eSports.

How CS: GO tournaments appeared

Now we can easily open the stream of the desired match and watch the CS: GO tournament online, make predictions, place bets on the victory of our favorite team, and be impressed by the large prize pool. However, things were not so smooth at the inception of the esports game.

The very first tournaments were not very comfortable competitions in computer clubs. The guys huddled in small rooms, and the battle process was not as colorful as we are used to seeing. And only after a while sponsors appeared, multimillion-dollar contracts began to be concluded, and KS: GO ceased to be just a fun pastime. It is worth remembering at least the WESG2016 tournament, which took place in the Middle Kingdom. More than $ 1.5 million were drawn on it.

Today, the shooter from Valve provides a lot of opportunities: thanks to it, careers are worth, they make fortunes. And not only players, but also fans can make financial profit from esports - by making forecasts and bets.

What matches can you watch: types of tournaments in CS: GO

There are quite a few tournaments presented on the CS: GO esports scene. They are almost always related to each other, but some of the events of the game are held separately from the main tournament bracket. The list of all types of matches is long, the most basic are:

  • major,
  • minor,
  • regular leagues,
  • Intel Grand Slam.

Of course, the events are not similar to each other, they differ in terms of conditions, amount of draws, selection system. That is why it is important to consider them in more detail.

Regular league tournaments

If you love hockey or football, you will immediately understand that regular league tournaments are reminiscent of the NHL and the Premier League. CS: GO has its own leagues for teams of different levels, for example, ESL. FPL.

What are these events for? It's simple: to find and select the best teams that will compete in the season finale.

To get to the finals, teams need to go through the competition online, get the top results. The latter are registered in the standings. As a result, statistics determine the best teams that can participate in the final matches.

Minor tournaments

These tournaments are a kind of straw in big esports for teams from the top ten of the world ranking. They have their own peculiarity: during such events, there is no huge prize pool, but the teams get the right to participate in a major major tournament, where $ 1 million is drawn.

Minors are held in various cities and countries during a specific period. After that, the best of the best teams meet at the key event of the year - the Major.

Major tournaments

 A large-scale and cool tournament that many professional players and every esports organization dream of winning. The dates of their holding are always determined long before the start, and the prize funds significantly exceed the winnings of other competitions.

As mentioned earlier, teams that have passed the Minors can get to the Majors. However, there are exceptions: if the team receives a special invitation, it can bypass minor competitions.

The desire of teams to get into the majors can be easily explained: they need money and popularity. It is also due to the fact that these official CS: GO tournaments allow you to get a lot of rating points.

Intel Grand Slam tournaments

These are events organized by the well-known manufacturer Intel. These include Elite ESL One, IEM, etc.

The teams are interested in them, because large sums are played at tournaments.

It's hard to get on them: after passing the closed qualifications or receiving a special offer.

Schedule of CS: GO tournaments 2020: past and upcoming competitions

We have prepared a handy table that contains key information on the latest and upcoming CS: GO tournaments in 2020. A list of CS: GO events will allow you to schedule viewing or betting on the desired day.

Using the table, each user will know:

  • names of cs go tournaments, their logos;
  • date of the competition;
  • prizes.

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