Forecasters rating

The best forecasters of the portal participate in the competition, trying to get into the rating. Try your hand and win a cash prize!
The best forecasters of the portal participate in the competition, trying to get into the rating. Try your hand and win a cash prize!

Forecasters rating - contest with cash prizes

Are you a professional analyst who earns on making forecasts? Or a newcomer who wants to try his hand and get into the rating? We offer to take part in the competition of forecasters with cash prizes.

How to get into the ranking of forecasters

To be in the TOP 10 cappers, you need to be an expert in e-sports, popular games (CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, others), well-known teams, players. You have a chance to enter the list of the best cappers, take a position in the ranking, make a profit from the competition, if you:

  • Possess systemic thinking. Most often these are mathematicians, financiers, other specialists who need to think a lot. As an example, one of the most successful cappers is Joe Pet. Before becoming a forecaster, to be at the top of the rating, he was a financial analyst. Knowledge, work experience helped to process a huge amount of statistical information, to make competent conclusions.
  • Deeply versed in one or more eSports disciplines. Understand the rules of the game, tournament formats, calendar. Keep up with the news, any changes, upcoming championships. You know about all the permutations within the teams of e-sportsmen.
  • Know how to use special software designed to analyze large statistical data arrays. These are robotic programs for making forecasts, automatic bets, and searching forks.
  • You must understand that in spite of professionalism and a good strategy, forecasts may be erroneous and bets may be losing. They are able to control their excitement, passion, emotions: do not get upset at failure, but try to calmly, calmly analyze the situation.
  • Adhere to strict financial discipline. You must understand that it is always necessary (even when the bets lose, it is impossible to make a profit) to carry out actions based on one financial management strategy.
  • Always analyze the results of past bets, the results of previous CS games: GO, Dota 2, LOL, and others. A professional constantly looks through past matches in order to understand the behavior model of the team and individual players. Due to this, from month to month he becomes better.
  • Fully studied the bookmaker business. Every professional who is in the top of the best cappers has read books, articles, and other useful materials on the topic. Many forecasters who want to lead the ranking of the most-most, also take training courses. This helps to fully master the betting terminology: painting, margin, line, odds, etc.
  • You know what bookmakers should deal with. Any professional in the betting industry understands popular (and not so) bookmakers, is familiar with the rating of BC. He can always advise his clients where it is better to place bets, where it is possible to make a profit faster, which sites offer the greatest winnings.
  • Have experience in betting. That is, you act as an expert who has repeatedly given accurate predictions for e-sports. They made bets on the basis of their own analytics, and made a profit.
  • Constantly improve your skills. Every day, month and year in this area is beneficial: you gain new knowledge, develop more analytical skills, replenish the collection of successful forecasts and customers who are satisfied with your work, make more and more accurate bets. Self-development will increase the chances of being at the top of the rating.

But even if you do not meet all of the above points and are an absolute beginner, still take part in the competition of forecasters with cash prizes. It will be useful, fun, interesting. It will help to gain a new experience. And there will also be an opportunity to get a good prize.

Inexperienced betters can study predictions for e-sports matches on our trusted portal: from the best forecasters who are well aware of the topic of e-sports, betting.

Forecasters rating: how to get into the top of the best cappers

To become a contestant, to claim a win, the title of the best forecaster, a connoisseur of bets, you must:

  1. Register on the site. The procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes.
  2. Make 30 predictions throughout the month.
  3. Have a positive attitude, a desire to win and be in the ranking, to profit from your favorite activity.

Benefit from participating in the competition of forecasters with prizes

You might think that participation and victory in the competition includes only the financial component. In fact, everything is cooler. If you get into the ranking of the best cappers / forecasters, you will get not only profit, but also popularity. If you have your own blog, groups on social networks, the audience will increase. After all, you will prove by deed that you are a good forecaster, offering accurate predictions that can be used to bet on e-sports matches.

You can also be proud of yourself - not everyone can get into the rating of the best cappers; not everyone can receive a cash prize.

Take part now! Just make predictions for a month. Who knows, maybe your strategy will be the best and help you occupy the top position in the ranking.

Persons over 18 years old can take part in the competition.