What is eSports

Some people have the impression that cybersport is some kind of shooter (English shooter - “shooter”), where enthusiastic players kill time. In fact, the top winnings in international e-sports championships reach $ 25-34 million (2018-2019, the dota 2 “The International” tournament), and professional e-sportsmen participate in them.

Interestingly, Russia recognized eSports as one of the first among all countries of the world and until 2006 broadcasts of computer games cs go (counter strike), DotA 2 were the top topics of analytical agencies. Then came a ten-year “oblivion” (from 2006 to 2016), when the government banned cyber sports, and the United States and China gathered a record audience (3.5 million viewers according to TrackDota.com).

Given the huge winnings, prize money, and income from bets, in 2016 the Ministry of Sports legally returned the topic of eSports to the official register, and tens of millions of people began to watch the Russian championship online.

Where to watch cyber sports

The number of views of championships is gradually increasing by official TV providers. Nevertheless, in Russia, e-sports is more effectively represented by Internet channels: portals, online bookmakers, amateur videos on YouTube, recordings of club games, discussion of e-sports topics on forums. Of course, the popularity of the media will increase due to large winnings, high profitability of topics, rapid development in the world.

Today, the largest channels “SPORT1”, “ESPN” broadcast the largest tournaments “World Championship in League of Legends”, “The International in Dota 2” with extremely high returns, sign new contracts for future championships “ELEAGUE Major in CS: GO”.

The analytical results of the NewZoo company show that in Russia the e-sports game is watched by an audience that ranks third in size in the world and the total number of viewers is 395 million people (2019 results).

So far, the FIFA championships will not supplant the FIFA championships on television, but the popularity of e-sports is growing exponentially. There is no other analogue with similar profitability, therefore, the government must create a state program to support computer games that are world famous.

Popular streaming services and channels:

• Twitch - streaming,

• YouTube Gaming Channel,

• Mixer from Microsoft,

• Facebook Gaming Channel,

• SteamTV,

• Caffeine,

• Chinese streaming services.

By the way, the Asian audience of fans of cyber games is 51%.

Cyber games industry

Network gaming industry has evolved for decades. Modern e-sports games have gone out of the network, the rules of DotA, Cs, Arena, Gatecrasher (and others) have gradually formed, betting odds, channels, types of tournaments, themes, analytics, forecasts.

Video games are divided into single and team. The first type is more suitable for "loners", who themselves are responsible for their own wins and failures. The second is for cyber players who consider joint tactics as effective as possible for defeating rivals.

What games are included in e-sports broadcasts (the most popular):

1. CS GO (Countre Strike Global Affwncive),

2. Dota 2,

3. PABG (Players Unknowns Battlegrounds),

4. Fortnite

5. Overwatch (Overwatch),

6. League of legends (League of legends),

7. Tom Clancy’’s Rainbow six siege et al.

There are thousands of clubs that teach tactics, strategies, and ways to win Russian e-sports championships and start playing internationally.

Online competitions are designed so that you can participate from home and at the same time receive space winnings. Do not forget to only fight against physical inactivity! Even the "contemplators" of e-sports channels, bookmakers offer high-income betting. All analytics, review, results, forecasts are on the sites of BC.

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