What is eSports

A couple of years ago, many people considered computer games a waste of time. With the advent of eSports, everything has changed - now you can earn money and fame in eSports. And earnings are not only the prerogative of the players. Betters also make a profit by placing bets on bookmaker sites.

So, esports is an official sport that involves teams competing in popular games like CS: GO, Dota 2, Valorant, LOL. As a result of victories, top teams receive national recognition, respect, and, of course, money. For example: in 2019, the largest Dota tournament, The International, had a prize pool of over $ 24 million.

Where to watch esports

If you are interested in colorful matches of your favorite games, we suggest watching them on our portal - the 24cyber esports center. We will delight:

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Popular streaming sites - services and channels:

Cyber gaming industry

The online gaming industry has evolved for decades. Modern eSports games have gone out of the network, the rules of Dota, CS: GO, bets of bookmakers, channels, types of tournaments, topics, analytics, forecasts have been gradually formed.

Video games are divided into single and team. The first type is more suitable for "loners" who are themselves responsible for their own wins and failures. The second is for cyber players who consider joint tactics to be the most effective for defeating rivals.

What games are included in esports broadcasts (most popular):

There are thousands of clubs that teach tactics, strategies, ways to win Russian esports championships and start playing internationally.

Online competitions are designed so that you can participate from home and at the same time receive cosmic winnings. Do not forget to just fight hypodynamia! Even the "contemplators" of e-sports channels, bookmakers offer high income from bets. All analytics, review, results, forecasts are available on the bc websites.

Our eSports website contains all the best for you. Now matches, predictions, tournaments, teams, game news are located on one resource.

Use the best, win a lot!